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Property Development - Development Strategy We combine creative ideas and sound management in our Property Developments 

our Development strategy

This part of the development process is often ignored or undertaken in an unstructured way leading to missed opportunities. We have a different approach. Cliff Cole has been developing residential and commercial projects for over 25 years in London, Essex and around the World.

So what is our development strategy?

  1. Check the viability in the context of the site and the financial position of the developing party
  2. Investigate various forms of funding
  3. Consider various forms of investment such as Joint Ventures, Syndicates, single investor
  4. Agree the amount of control the partners require
  5. Consider the final form of the development; will it be for sale or to let
  6. Consider how the project will be funded
  7. Decide whether the project should be a single construction, phased development or a single development with phased hand-over.
  8. Decide the programme
  9. Decide the vehicle for the development and will it be a one off, trading or a ring-fenced series of projects
  10. Establish the exit strategy or strategies
  11. Consider the tax and VAT implications
  12. Agree a legal format for the various parties
  13. Spend time on the financials and cash flows, they are the life blood of the project
  14. Examine contingency plans

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