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Property Development - Financial Appraisals The financial appraisal is a crucial tool for the Property Developer, Investor and Banker

the financial appraisal

Close behind a feasibility study comes the financial appraisal. Correctly prepared this document unlocks the funds required to undertake a development.

What is is and how does it work?

  • The financial appraisal is a snapshot of the funds required at each stage of a development.
  • It can be used to obtain bank or private funding
  • It shows the cost of borrowing
  • It shows the expected duration of the project
  • Professional fees
  • Cost of building
  • Costs of purchase
  • Costs of sales

In our projects it is just the start, once agreements have been reached the financial appraisal turns into a financial tracking master that monitors how the spend is going and it highlights potential problems. It starts off as a projection and then compares the projection with actual costs on a regular basis

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